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This is the 2nd most current album release from Michael Hensen.  It contains a variety of Ukulele songs including the single release – It’s All Good.   It’s All Good was a song that was written for an audition piece for the Myrtle Beach Downtown stages.  Hopefully I will be able to return to MB to play It’s All Good for the city who helped to create the track.  This album was re-recorded and remastered on August 1st, 2019.  Please check out the links above to the Digital Outlets for streaming this album as well!

Thank you to Michael Francis for the inspiration and suggestion.
Other tracks found on Uke Sessions V2, include The Sunshine Song, God is Love, You Can’t Break Me, and Made for Dreamers. Some special release contain instrumental versions of unreleased songs like Butterfly, Down at the block, and more.


The Return to Life CD was mainly put together in 2005 after the studio closing at Baxter Rd in Virginia Beach, VA.  Digital One Studios is where the 2nd half of Return to Life was recorded.  Including the single release Can I Be Free, which is includes backing vocals from local producer and R&B artist and writer Taurean Cooke.  The Return to Life CD is a compilation of full band songs from an early release of the songs America, Sometimes It Rains, Faith(Didn’t Think) and a variety of other songs that were produced at Digital One Studios.  The other tracks include Yesterday, What You Love, Find The Girl, No Difference, Mexican Girl, and Forward,  Michael has been looking to return to the studio to re-record these tracks to make a high quality version of this release.


This CD release was from the band FORMULA 8 which started in late 1998 from a chance meeting at an open mic night at Jewish Mother in Virginia Beach.  The CD includes 5 tracks, 4 of which were produced by David Brown the bass player of Formula 8.  All songs were written by Michael Hensen and released under the band Formula 8.

Band members for Formula 8 include with Eric Salzman, Michael Hensen, David Brown and JT Blum.  The CD includes songs, America, Sometimes it Rains, Faith (Didn’t Think) and Been the Victim.  The CD later included a soundtrack single called Breakdown that was produced by Michael Hensen for TV and Film placement.  You can find the additional track on CD Baby under the Formula 8 CD.

Here is an early photo of the band performing at JEWISH MOTHER, Virginia Beach, VA. 1999


This CD is acoustic recording set of songs written by Michael Hensen while performing live in the club Summers Past in Virginia Beach.  It did also contain a few songs from the R&R Bar and Grille from Shore Dr, and about half of the tracks were recored by Norman Harrel long time local acoustic player and performer.   I have been working to re-record raw acoustic cuts of these songs for a CD republishing.   I have recorded What you love and a few other tracks contained in this CD.  It will be re-released at some point with the higher quality audio.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by and listen to the artist known as Michael Hensen.  (I greatly appreciate your support) The Never Ending Summer is a full legnth version of the Uke Sessions EP.  I am currently selling the Uke Sessions V2 Album for $5 and using that money to support the recording, production and distribution of the full length CD.  If you would like a copy of that CD, please contact me and I will fulfill the order for that CD.   I will have options here to directly purchase the CD from the site soon.  Thank you very much for your support!