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So your here, Why BUY Music????

Well here is the deal. Music is important, to you, to me and seemingly to everyone.

However, the modern model for the way artists are developed is almost non-existent, well truthfully there really isn’t much of a model anymore. Most music you hear on the radio has some extreme commercial motivation – and usually isn’t selected for its quality to thoughtfulness, but more so for its image. This is more what the modern world of music is about, a visual representation of a medium that is suppose to be audio based. This is pretty much the truth. Of course you have to have some abilities as well and can’t sound horrible, but the days of Bob Dylan’s and The Who are very slim if none.

The reason again I bring this all up is, why not make a conscious choice to select and listen to music verses what its visual appeal is. To that I say, this is why I am asking that you support me by purchasing the download of a song. Here’s another way to look at it. I recently had a show, and 80 people were there at least. But guess who tipped at this FREE venue. 3 People, a group of girls who gave me about $4-$5, a female who was with a couple $27, and a guy who tipped me $2. The point is, not everyone there paid $1, however wasn’t the music and entertainment of 3 hours worth at least $1 – well, of course it is. Only 3 people paid something though?? Does that sound a little uneven??? Well, you could say but I made an extra $34 on top of what the venue paid.

Sometimes though, at certain venues I make $100 less then normal pay. It’s what I sacrafice to spread the love of music and performance. So, I guess I am asking if you don’t have to (pay ticket prices yet..) and you get to see me for free, Won’t you consider just spending $.99 on a download to show me support and help me tour and record new music??? I want to tell you thank you very much for your support, and even if you don’t buy any music I still do appreciate you coming out to my shows to support me. Please know though, part of my dream rely’s on you making a decision. If you don’t help me a little, my dreams and goals will continue in a similar way in that, it requires the proper resources to achieve something greater, and that usually requires a bit of money.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit this page and I hope you go out and support more of your favorite music!